New BMW i4 For Sale in O'Fallon, IL

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Introducing the New BMW i4 for Sale in O'Fallon, IL

The BMW i4 is an innovative new car that has the potential to change the way we drive. The BMW i4 provides Edwardsville drivers with a futuristic driving experience that eliminates conventional gasoline-powered engines and replaces them with electric motors for improved fuel efficiency, decreased emissions, and increased performance. You can contact the Newbold BMW sales team to discuss how this new car can help you go green without sacrificing convenience or power.


The BMW i4 features two electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. Unlike traditional engines, this battery pack can charge to 80% capacity in about half an hour using a DC fast charger. The attractive BMW i4 has the same amount of horsepower as some other popular sedans, but it is noticeably lighter due to the lack of a traditional engine. The new BMW i4 can achieve an impressive projected range of over 250 miles per charge, which is one of the most extended ranges for any electric vehicle on the market today. 


The technology in the BMW i4 is one of its most impressive aspects. All the features in the car are available through a touchscreen interface. The screen also enables drivers to monitor their battery levels and charge status, allowing them to plan out when they will need to recharge the vehicle in the Highland area. The car also comes with a wireless inductive charging pad that can charge just by pulling it into a garage or parking space. The BMW i4 arrives packed full of advanced technologies, including self-driving capabilities and even air purification systems in the interior, making this one of the most high-tech vehicles on the St. Louis roads today.

Safety Features

BMW designed the BMW i4 with safety in mind. The new car features radar technology that helps the vehicle see what is happening around it, allowing for accurately detecting objects. Drivers are given an added layer of safety by setting a speed limit and having the car automatically adjust its speed to avoid driving too fast for current road conditions. Drivers can also activate an emergency stop system that will instantly disengage the drivetrain and apply the car's brakes if the vehicle detects any danger or panic in the driver's actions. The BMW i4 excels with safety at every turn, giving drivers peace of mind while maneuvering this innovative new vehicle around Shiloh, IL.

Interior Features

The interior of the BMW i4 enhances your comfort and style. The luxury car has four seats, two in the front and two in the rear. There is also a decent amount of trunk space available for storage, so you'll be able to take along all your favorite travel accessories. In addition, the interior features many different amenities, including a heads-up display that projects important information regarding your current driving speed and other factors directly onto the windshield.

Exterior Features

The exterior of the BMW i4 appears designed with beauty and functionality in mind. The BMW car features a sleek, aerodynamic shape that makes it stand out against other vehicles on the roads of Belleville, IL. BMW placed all glass surfaces in the car at an angle to reflect light away from the car's interior and provide your desired amount of sunlight. The exterior also features a hydrophobic coating that helps reduce the amount of water and dirt that sticks to it when exposed to water or mud, making for a much easier clean-up process after a long day of travel.

Trim Levels

The BMW i4 comes with two trim levels designed for maximum functionality and efficiency. The base model BMW i4 comes equipped with all the features most people will need, while the higher-end BMW i4s Turbo comes loaded with every available feature the car has to offer.

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