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2016 BMW 6 Series for Sale Near Creve Coeur, MO

The 2016 6 Series is a People-Pleaser, and We Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way


There’s something charming about a vehicle that comes in three different body styles, as a convertible, coupe, and as a 4-door sedan. The 2016 BMW 6 Series for sale near Creve Coeur, MO, does just that while offering superb standard options and a luxurious interior.

With so many customizable qualities, it’s difficult to know where to begin, mostly because there’s a lot to love when it comes to the BMW 6 Series. Literally. The curb weight can rack up to anywhere between 4,200 pounds to 4,500 pounds, making this a coupe that’s got some serious presence. Don’t let the extra heft fool you, though, the BMW 6 Series comes with several packages that make taking those curves easy-peasy.

Though stated to be a “base” model car, the BMW 640i hardly acts like it. It comes standard with a 10.2-inch touchscreen with voice control, 10-way memory heated leather front seats, a Bang and Olufsen stereo with SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, a head-up display, dynamic cruise control, night vision assistance, LED headlights, switchable sport exhaust, 18-inch wheels, and active roll stabilization. The BMW 640i comes with a 3.0-liter inline 6 engine with an 8-speed automatic that gets 335 horsepower.

The 2016 BMW 6 Series for sale near Creve Coeur, MO, has an optional bigger engine, too, on the BMW 650i. It comes with a 4.4-liter V8 that gets a little more oomph with 445 horsepower. Both the BMW 640i and 650i are available in RWD and AWD and both engines are turbocharged, another way the 6 Series is out to please the masses. The 640i gets a nice 20 MPG combined1, with a breakdown as follows: 21 MPG in the city1 and a whopping 32 MPG on the highway1, making it hard to tell the family no when they want to visit the Gateway Arch or to finally check out Forest Park. 



Eschewing the typical carbon fiber interiors that many other brands have been so fond of lately, the BMW 6 Series is outfitted with leather from the lowest trim on up and heavily veneered with “Fineline”, which is refreshing compared to many other vehicles in its segment. The Comfort+ mode enhances the smooth and effortless ride, especially when adding on the Dynamic Drive Control.

There is literally so much to see when it comes to the 2016 BMW 6 Series for sale near Creve Coeur, MO that it’s mindboggling. To understand the versatility of this series, stop in to Newbold BMW and check it out for yourself. 



1. EPA-estimated. Actual mileage may vary.