The BMW 8 Series Coupe is a perfect example of the modern designed vehicles with a thrilling performance. The sporty and luxurious car wears an attractive design, which adds to its performance. From our Newbold BMW showrooms, we are happy to keep you informed on the modern BMW trends and features.

The 8 Series Coupe comes with an exclusive interior boasting a spacious cabin and refined seats. You want an exclusive driving experience with comfort and control, and that’s what it offers you.

The cars modern iDrive system gives you all. A modern interface, customized, and with all the technology you need. With the system, you can take charge of every car feature by a touch, swap, or even a voice command. Don’t forget about the Standard Gesture Control in the 8 Series Coupe!

An impressive feature in the BMW 8 Series Coupe, the Kidney grille, will make you fall in love with the machine at first sight. You can also add your favorite colors, optional features, and every other available package in our dealership.

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