Headlights are an essential part of your car as you need them for seeing the road at night and so that other drivers can see you whether it's at night or in some weather conditions. Keep your headlights as clean as possible by washing them and removing any buildup on the cover. If you notice any clouding, you can use various products from Newbold BMW to remove the hazy appearance so that you can clearly see the road.

Take the time to check the bulbs. If one is out or doesn't appear to be as bright as the other, then go ahead and change it before it goes out completely. Make sure the lights aren't flickering as this could be an indication that there is an issue with a fuse or an electrical component.

While driving through O'Fallon, IL, even a slight bump could cause your headlights to become uneven in how they sit. This can cause one to shine straight on the road and the other to illuminate the side of the road.

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