Be a vehicle owner who is informed. Don't ask for any oil when going in for a routine change. Look at the different oil selections available and pick the best option. Synthetic oil, an oil with select added chemicals, may appeal to persons interested in maximum performance.

Synthetic oil's chemicals create a different kind of performance in the engine. The oil can lubricate parts better while not producing as much sludge. The evaporation rate may be lower than standard oil.

Many factors go into decisions to choose synthetic oil. Someone who puts an enormous amount of mileage per year on a vehicle might want oil better suited for heavy driving. A person who owns a very old car could also look towards synthetic oil as preferable. Honestly, you don't need a reason to purchase it, but some may have their motivations.

For oil changes and routine service in O’Fallon, IL, call the service department at Newbold BMW. They want to help you out.

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