Introducing the Luxurious BMW X3

BMW means the best of sport and luxury. It has for generations. The X3 carries that legacy forward with aplomb. This compact SUV brings everything you could want right to the tips of your fingers. The X3 is at the forefront no matter what you measure, from safety to performance.

Park Distance Control and Frontal Collision warning are standard on the X3. That means the car itself alerts you to hazards. The X3 is engineered thoughtfully. The exterior is streamlined so that fuel efficiency is maximized. The unique, kidney-shaped grille not only looks great, but it also helps cool the engine and minimize noise. The X3 is also powerful, getting from 248 to 355hp depending on the configuration.

This compact SUV brings all the best features of BMW engineering together. Come and see an X3 in person at Newbold BMW. We'd love to put you behind the wheel of this sleek, powerful car.

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