Think speed and power can only be found on the race track? Think again. BMW M Models could just be that happy middle ground between a full-out race car and sporty coupe.

At the core of every M Model vehicle is the lightweight material. Carbon fiber, advanced engineering, and TwinTurbo technology combine to ensure a lighter body that needs fewer cylinders to get the job done than other vehicles in the class. Don’t be fooled, however. BMW M Models still put out more than 100 horsepower per liter.

Everyone has an inner race car driver. Unleash yours with the M Laptimer app with GoPro integration. You can analyze your driving style when operating on closed courses and improve your lap times. Muscular power paired with easy handling makes this one of the best options you have for sporty handling on public roads. The BMW M Models were born in the early 1970s and continue to deliver for BMW enthusiasts today, from the original M1 to the models offered now.

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